Loose Jets Press/Reviews

Chad Heye – Guitar/Vocals, James Sardone – Guitar/Keys/Vocals, Chuck Spry – Drums, Chris Bare/Bass


“As a whole, “Loose Jets” is a thick mix of sultry, sometimes growling, vocals against grizzly guitar work. It celebrates ’70s and ’80s guitar sounds — think L.A.-drenched rock and roll with a Detroit aesthetic.

“The band’s sound glows due to old school guitar work from Chad Heye (The Needles) and James Sardone (Brickbat). The down and dirty sound plays well against raw, bluesy vocals. “There is a certain ’70s garage rock guitar band feel to it…that protocol is evident on tracks like “(Can’t) Leave it Alone” and “Watch Me Disappear.”

“Sacred T-Shirt” has a grinding guitar riff that recalls Pink Floyd’s “In the Flesh” and it just sounds righteously down and dirty. The guitar work is dynamite. The Needle’s Chad Heye delivers his signature raw sound and between him and James Sardone’s rough and tumble playing – with vocals that range from dulcet to raw, Loose Jets deliver a fiery, exciting debut.”


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